Let's Talk Community

Let's Talk Community

#05 Three steps to win engaged members for your community

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In this episode you'll learn:

- Why every crisis has the potential to turn into a chance
- How you define your community's mission so that it attracts engaged members
- How to better understand your target group
- How you communicate in a way which convinces not only your members' heads but also their hearts

Every method and ressource mentioned in this episode can also be found in the shownotes.

Why self care is not a selfish act

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Community Manager Advancement Day #CMAD2020 is all about self care. Why? Because community professionals tend to neglect looking after themselves while looking after their communities. Listen to this episode to learn:

- what causes community professionals stress
- what are the symptons of stress
- what you can do when you are stressed
- how you can prevent yourself from being stressed.

LTC Episode 1: Networking

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What are you going to networking events and conferences for? Is it really the learning and the speakers? Or rather the connections you make in the hallway?

Community Building can be lonely business, it can be tiring to explain who you are, what you do and why community management is important. Networking events for community builders reassure you when you hear the same stories from other people, you can then start to get inspired about what you could do with your community.

On top of that big conferences like the CMX Summit help you gain credibility in your organisation. It's important because communities are important for the future of our society. So let's create the expectation that every company and organisation will have a head of community!

About this podcast

A podcast that shares stories about the power of communities. Worldwide, online and offline, told by community builders, managers and members.

Listen to this podcast if you're working with communities or interested in this business, if you want to be inspired or take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

Let's change the world for the better by making it more connected!

by Denise Henkel


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